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3 Ways to Make your Blog Shareworthy


3 Ways to make your blog shareworthy

It doesn’t matter what others say, you can’t deny the fact that you want to make your blog a full-time. Let me show you how you can make your blog, Shareworthy. Yes, everyone wants to have massive success when it comes to blogging. You want the followers, the readers, and the subscribers. But, the truth be told, most of us want to be recognized for our efforts and their work, there’s nothing wrong with that.

So how do you make it Shareworthy?

Blogging allows you to connect with your tribe, peers, and most importantly your clients. It gives you the opportunity to share your stories and the chance to promote your services to those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Write Killer Content

Your voice matters regardless of what others say, especially if you’re writing in your own unique voice. Killer content should be interesting and allow your readers to connect in a way that’s beneficial to them. So, if you’re new, the best thing you can do is to just start practicing because practice can move you a long way.

It should be content that gives people hope, tells a story, triggers emotions, gives clarity, and challenges the way most think. You have the power to create opportunity for yourself.
Another way of writing killer content is by doing research. You can always go to Twitter or Google trends to see what is currently trending in your industry.
You can also save your ideas on Word and add to your draft later while you’re still searching for more content, like I did with this post. I literally had to go back and save this post because I kept finding more information that would be very useful to the readers. And the majority of the time they do find it Shareworthy.
On another note about Word, what I like about it too is that it corrects your grammar so if you have problems with this, Word can seriously be a lifesaver after all. You can copy and paste to your WordPress without having to make too many changes and then all you have to do is add your beautiful photos to really captivate other readers.

Gift Center

For photos, I use Canva. This is a super easy system that anyone can use to create gorgeous Pinnable images. I also use Pexels when I need free stock photos. Other than that, you can always purchase affordable stock photos from Etsy and Creative Market.

Having a Community

Yes, I believe is an important one because your community is the one who gives you an extra hand and allows you to make a difference in their lives. It allows you to connect with them in a personal level and make genuine connections that can ultimately open new doors for you.
You can reach out to them by following them on Instagram and liking their photos. You can comment on their posts and let them know genuinely how much it resonated with you and how big of an impact it made for you. TELL THEM! They’ll remember you for connecting with them and most likely they will return the favor by commenting back.
And if you want more momentum you can always continue to comment on others blogs and build more relationships that way. Part of my success is due to commenting on other’s blogs.

“Consistency is key to growing your community and your blog”

Create a Strategy

I know we spoke about consistency but it is key to helping you grow your business/blog exponentially.
Share bits and pieces of your blog on Instagram. What I love about Instagram is that it’s a micro blog for most females. Especially now, with the rise of the influencers. This is a great place to share your knowledge and find ways to collaborate with other potential bloggers and help you shift to the next level.
You can also use Facebook and this may be one of the most important platforms of them all. Despite all the algorithms this is where you want to get your readers excited about the work you’re about to launch, you can ask them questions, etc. Engage with them and look at your analytics to see how you’re performing.
Another way is using the power of Pinterest because it’s still one of the largest traffic sources for many ladies. I mean who doesn’t jump in there for recipes, travel advice, fashion trends, etc.? Everyone does, so utilize it to stand out. One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is to pin between 2pm and 4pm and I have come to realize that most people are just bored during that time of the day, so I get a lot of repins.


I spoke about creating content that tells a story, triggers emotions, gives clarity, and challenges the way most think.
Also, I spoke about having a community that allows you to connect with them in a personal level and allow you to make genuine connections that can ultimately open new doors for you.
And third, creating a strategy. This is so crucial because without a strategy; the time devoted in your blog can end up in a loss of time and money.
So, there you go, all the deets you need to know to making your blog shareworthy.
What are some other ways you make your blog shareworthy? Tell me in the comments below and I would love to hear all about it.

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Easy Instagram Tips that Convert


easy Instagram tips that convert

Easy Instagram Tips that Convert

We’ve all heard how Instagram is consistently changing- and very quickly, too. Well today I’d like to share some easy Instagram tips with you that really convert. Whether you’re new to Instagram or you’ve been using it for a while, I’d encourage you to take these tips to heart. Whether you just need a refresher or these tips are all new to you, I believe they will still be beneficial.

Create a Theme

First of all, decide on a color scheme. Get a little creative when deciding and then stay consistent with whatever you choose. The only way people will stay is if you keep your color scheme on point, because this helps them feel like they know what they’ll be getting. An IG account that is all over the place rarely keeps loyal followers. Think of Instagram as your own, personal magazine. People are attracted to high quality photos especially when there’s a color scheme to it. Think Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Home and Garden, and other big-time magazines. They are always consistent in their branding, and you could usually identify what the magazine was even if there was no title.

This is what you want your Instagram to become. The photo to the left is my account @_jocelynep_ and the second one to the right is @tower28creative, both give you a story about what it is each do. They’re both very appealing to the eye and colorful. The tones and filters are consistent and clear.

Find clarity when it comes to what to post- randomly posting pictures won’t help you. Add photos of things related to your business or hobby and from there you can create tons of content and from all different angles.

Also, edit your photos the same way each time. Don’t be the one who posts a clean, clear photo one day, and then adds a quote that’s all choppy and blurry the next… this will kill your engagement and your credibility too. Keep your filters all the same with the same consistency. If you take photos with your phone I’d recommend using the app @colorstory. This is an incredible app that can make your photos stand out and look more professional. So definitely take advantage of it.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to creating beautiful photos another easy way to convert is to use a simple background. If you’re taking photos yourself then pick a white background or other color that represents your brand and stick to it. Keep your background simple so that the main subject of your photo is what stands out. If your background is too “busy” it will take focus away from the main point of your photo.

Use Natural Lighting

One of the best times to get natural lighting is between 7-8am in the morning. This (along with right before sunset) is referred to as “golden hour” because you tend to get soft, golden light at those times. This light is better because it isn’t as harsh as the midday sun, but it is still bright enough to take pictures in.

If you like to photograph flatlays, make sure that your colors are consistent in every flatlay. But if you shoot at all different times of day, in all different types of light, you will not be able to maintain that consistency. The best thing to do is to practice as you go and once you find the right time of day to shoot, the right spot to shoot, and the right color tones and editing strategies, you’ll get some amazing photos. Trust me.

Here’s a Pro tip: If you’re all about flatlays you can use jewelry, books, bags, lipsticks, candles and other home decorations to really create a personal touch to your album and complete that beautiful photo gallery.

Use Wise Captions

This one is so important too. When you are intentional about captions you set the stage to convert even more. You can ask relevant questions or share information with your audience in the caption. And you know what’s  interesting? I’ve found that at least 70% or more of the people are looking for information on Instagram. How crazy is that? It’s no wonder this is a growing platform.

Besides all the pretty photos, captions are one of the best ways to grow your following and your engagement. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my following, but the engagement is what matters the most to me.

People are more likely to comment, like, or share when you consistently share quality, candid, and authentic information or inspiration.


Other than the tips I shared above, there’s no other “rules” to IG. My only other tip is to post consistently.  Pick a time of the day where you think your audience will be available to see your posts and schedule ahead of time so you’re not stressing out about it.

Instagram is all about connecting with others and socializing so take advantage of this opportunity to grow and make some friends.

Do you have any Instagram tips that I left out?

How to Double the Growth of your Email List?

how to double the growth of your email list
How to Double the Growth of your Email List?

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about growing your email list all the time and it may seem like it’s a hard task to figure out but that’s where the majority of your growth starts. Let me show you what strategies I use to grow my email list.


A few things you can do to make sure you have absolute success with your building that email list is by first creating a call to action.

You can do this by going to your Facebook business page. At the top where your Facebook cover is there is a button with a few call to actions. You can choose test button, promote it, view insights, edit your button, and delete.

As you can see I picked out the “learn more” because I want it to go to the freebie I have available. In result, it leads to my email list, which is pretty awesome.

Daily Treats

And you can also click on view insights to see how your button is performing and check the analytics.

The good thing about the call to action button on Facebook is that it lets you change it as much as you want or better yet increase your email list!



I started with Mailchimp at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t quite figure it out. You can tell I was just beginning because everyone knows how easy it is to use it. Bahaha..

I then moved to GetResponse and even though it took me just a bit to figure out I think I needed more work. I learned a few more things and unfortunately, the platform wouldn’t work with the mobile version. So, I broke up with it.

Finally, I moved to ConvertKit and omg it’s amazing!

What I love about Convertkit is that is so simple to use whether is a landing page or a pop up for your website its so simple and on top of that they have really good customer service for those newbies like me.

With Convertkit you add a popup to your website with a Freebie so people who are visiting your website for the first time can grab a free gift.

You can see your analytics as soon as you open it up, let me show you here. You can see different shades of blue, they each represent different opt-in forms that people use to join my email list. Talk about performance!




Another way I grow my email list is through the power of Pinterest. There I promote pins that may include checklists, worksheets, or e-guides and you can pin as much as you want, increasing your visibility and allowing you to collect more emails.

The beauty of Social Media is that you can promote your Freebies without paying for ads.

You can get some good traffic by creating a landing page where people can enter their email and grab your freebie, it’s really awesome. You can have as many landing pages as you want and promote several opt-ins all at once through Pinterest.

Other Notes

Email list is so important whether you’re a blogger, coach, or small business owner because that’s where the money is at! You have complete control of what you share with your readers without being restricted or limited to anything.

Now, if you are interested in learning more about blogging or anything that has to do with social media stick with me and I’ll share with you advice, tricks, and other tips to help you grow your creative business.

So what do you say? Do you use similar strategies?

Increase Your Instagram Productivity

Increase your instagram productitvity

Increase your Instagram Productivity

Knowing what to post on Instagram can be a challenge but finding a balanced workflow can get you farther.

One thing I dislike about Instagram is that you have to post everything through your phone only. It kind of sucks, but now with other apps like the integration of Buffer you can write your content and then manually transfer it to Instagram.

Organizing is so crucial nowadays because if you want to be a top leader you have got to stay organized. And I’m not saying you have to be like everyone else, be yourself and post like a Rockstar. Everyone loves to see daily new content.

What can you Post on Instagram?

There are a few things you need to consider:

Are you doing this as a hobby? Are you a business owner? Whatever your reason just know that you’re marketing yourself, in other words, you’re selling yourself. And I know some of you don’t like that word but it’s been so misused it’s not even funny.

Next, who’s your Target Audience?

Do you know who you’re speaking to? Are you speaking to women older than 35 or men less than 55?

The whole point is for you to get uber specific with your target market and identify your ideal client. Figure out who you’re speaking to. I usually tell my clients this: It’s kind of like describing your best friend.

They like going to the movies or they love Sci-Fi movies and Thrillers or do they love Home cooking and a nice glass of wine, whatever. Speak as if they were listening to you.

What about Creating a Calendar?

I know most people call it an Editorial Calendar but honestly if we go back the original way you can get yourself a pretty calendar and keep reminders for yourself.

How many times do you need to post? What kind of valuable information are you posting? Honestly, I post once a day and it does wonder. I provide some value and sometimes I change it up. I like people to see the real me. Most of the time I share inspiration, and Mindset Tips that help me daily. I share other information besides social media because I’m being my authentic self.

Post because you feel it Resonates with you and your tribe.

There’s a great tool called Iconosquare and it’s beautiful when it comes to your Analytics.

I highly suggest using it. You can check your growth daily. It sends you an email daily with the stats of your account day in and day out.

Also, it shows you when is a good time for you to post. It gathers data from you to see what times of the day are Ideal for you. And it shows you what hashtags are working and which ones are popular in your niche, who’s following, and many more features once you get to playing with it.

There’s a Free Version and a Paid Version so pick one that best works for you and your needs.

A Neat App to use for Posting.

If you haven’t heard about Wordswag, this little tool is great for iOS. It creates amazing text layouts that only takes minutes and voila it’s done. It’s so useful and extremely easy to use. Especially, if you’re like one of those who wants to simplify things.

What about Increasing your Organic Follow?

Seriously, there are so many opinions about this and what I have used it’s pretty simple.

Daily Treats

What I do is I go and like the latest pictures of my recent followers. I also like to leave one true comment on one of their pictures. This way I can really get their attention and more likely they will return the favor.

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And if you haven’t grabbed my Instagram checklist come and download it here.