How to deal with less stress


How Can you Deal With Less Stress?

It’s hard to deal with Stress but how do you Release it? I must say life can really throw huge LEMONS at ya- It’s one of those where you just have to take a deep breath and move on. Some of the strategies I use to deal with stress I am going to share below:


To me this is absolutely required, nonetheless, necessary to improve posture and release tenseness. There are days that I am extremely exhausted, I just want to roll up and go to sleep. I am sure you have been there. However, I go and work out on some YOGA. This is very helpful because some of the poses really help you stretch out your core, your arms, your legs and your belly. Not only that, but it keeps you Aligned in the right areas.

Some of the best music to help you exercise can be your favorite kind or what I like the best is listening to the sound of water, whether is the ocean or rain, totally gets you going, believe me.


Whichever you use I honestly like to pray first. And the reason I do that is because I give my total attention to the one and only. Sometimes, my prayers are so deep that my voice starts to raise and I get so passionate about praying I get so thirsty or lose my voice.

Manifesting is another one. I personally use it, and again I do it by relaxing and putting my focus to my thoughts. Release and let it go of all the doubts, negative thoughts, fears that keep me from going anywhere. Take another deep breath and say I RELEASE.

Also, saying affirmations throughout can be extremely helpful. Not only, do they bring you joy but your thought pattern starts to feel happier and calmer.

Another way I deal with stress is usually I try to eat healthy foods. That can be eating a lot of greens, drinking a LOT of water, and taking vitamins. Otherwise, my body will start to slow down and my immune system will start to get very weak.

I must say this is so important to your daily health because what you digest is how you keep your body nurtured. Keeping the right nutrients can actually help you lose weight without having to exercise and by drinking tons of water. And I am talking about filtered water not tap water. Can you imagine how many filthy things are in that water..yuck!


Another great way I release some tension is by talking to my partner. If you have a partner and they ACTUALLY listen to you, honestly you know you have a great friend next to you- in my case I have my best friend and he listens. Obviously, when it is appropriate for me to talk to him not when he is busy with calls or doing something important. Make sure you talk he is relaxed and is willing to listen.

RESPECT can help and sometimes if you have such a bad day that you either yell or give a bitchy attitude to your partner. Excuse my french, but I have, to be honest. One of the most frustrating things is to see couples insult each other. That makes me sick to my stomach… Totally unnecessary.!

Converse and be lightly or just say you are stress out and you need to talk. The nicer you are about this you will see that come right back at ya.

Be nice. Be respectful and for heaven’s sake take a chill pill. It is not the end of the world, yet! You are still alive thank goodness. Be positive and watch things turn around for you.

I hope this is helpful and you share it with many others who do not know how to deal with stress. If you do send them over that’s the least you can do for them. You never know when you will impact others life by doing small things.


This Rule Will Put You In 100% Control of Your Life Immediately.

 This rule will put you in 100% control of your life

This Rule will Put you in 100% Control of your Life

Do you ever wonder how you can control your life more passively? You hear a message and miss it. Sometimes you do not open our ears fully and it’s the reason why you miss information that can radically change you. However, I’m not gonna deny it, I have heard different quotes and sometimes I do not understand them fully.

I’m sure you’ve heard this quote before,
“Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.” -Chuck Swindoll

I have no idea how many times I’ve heard this quote before, I couldn’t count the times. I can finally say I get it and it did certainly click me this time.

Every day you wake up and maybe the car does not start or you leave late and hit the traffic and the way you react while driving can really scare the chickens out of someone, right?

The fact is, majority of the things that happen to us, each and every day are out of our control, however, it is YOU, it is the way you react towards that person driving slow or how you react when you are at work and the internet is running ridiculously slow or maybe you lost a loved one very dearly to you.

Ultimately, it is the way you react to certain situations that can make the biggest turn around in your life.

Look at it from this way, if you reacted differently it could save your marriage, your business, or your relationship with your family. One simple little tweak can make a huge impact in your life and definitely not an easy “rule” but it’s possible.

I will share with you Two ways to help me focus on that 90%.

1. Think and check your attitude for a minute.
Not worth getting upset about everything. Listen to your heart beat… That means you are still alive. So take it easy for a minute or take a chill pill.

2. Visualize.
Why not visualize a better outcome instead of thinking the worst possible? Either way, you control your thoughts. Say, “This too shall pass and I gain control of my current situation right now. Only good comes out of this.” Or as I always like to say, “That devil is a liar.”

Personal development teaches you new ways to become a better YOU. Read some books, or listen to some audio books, whatever you gotta do. Just do it. I promise it will make the biggest change in your life.