hey, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m Jocelyne, a Social Media Manager who is passionate about making things happen when it comes to Social Media. I love learning new marketing strategies and sharing them with others.

As a business owner, marketing yourself can be very difficult if you don’t have enough support. Believe me; I’ve been there because I work hard when it comes to following my purpose and juggling the 9-5. I can relate:

-You’re spending hours at work not being able to enjoy life nor your family.

-You feel overwhelmed with work, and now it’s kicking you in the butt.

-You wish you could focus but have no energy and you have absolutely no time to seek help.

I’m here to help coaches, bloggers + small Biz owners boost their visibility using digital strategies.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and it’s my job to make sure it’s less painful. My focus is to help you find solutions that work for you and your online business.



I started Resonate Creations as a place for creative online entrepreneurs about a year ago. I’ve been working in customer service for over seven years and doing business administrative tasks for two years now.

I knew I wanted more than just to work the 9-5 and found a passion for helping online entrepreneurs leverage their business.

One of my strategies is using the Power of Instagram to create content that resonates with your ideal market.



You can find me at:

Instagram: Resonatecreations

Pinterest: Resonatecreates

Twitter: Resonatecreates


Crazy truths about me:


  • I was born in Honduras, so yes I do speak Spanish.
  • I moved to New Orleans and after three years of living there. Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of New Orleans. My family and I lost everything we had.
  • I love doing some Salsa and Bachata! Sign me up, baby!


What about you?

Let’s share some ideas and get to work sister. No time to wait.

Let’s catch up on business