3 secrets to grow your instagram marketing

3 secrets to grow your Instagram marketing

Yes, you may think the more followers you have the better, you think you’d look good and get more credibility this way. Wrong! Let me share with you why.
Having a pretty strong follow may seem like you are extremely known throughout Instagram and you don’t get me wrong but when I reached my 2,000 followers I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. No joke. Ha, ha, ha…
But the reality, I was chasing the wrong thing and noticed my I wasn’t getting many clicks on my link in my bio.


We all know that content is super important but seriously with Instagram’s algorithms it’s all about the Engagement.

Engagement allows you to earn more sales, shares, likes, and seriously lots of opportunities as an influencer.


One thing I love about Instagram is this like feature because it shows your followers what you’ve like and you can see what they’re liking as well. So, that’s gold. However, it doesn’t pay the bills and I’m sorry to tell you this awful news.
So, can you get a ton of likes without buying fake likes? Of course, you can. What you can do is:

  • Look at those profiles who are liking your photos and see if they resonate with you. If they’re real people, then you know you’re doing something right. If not, then you probably need to do the following.
  • Check your hashtags and this may be a no brainer but sometimes having certain hashtags can bring you more spammers than anything else.

Now, once you see who’s liking your content you can return the favor and causing them to engage with you more. Because the truth be told everyone knows and sees what their liking.


Oh, lord comments are truly an amazing way to marketing yourself. How grateful am I when someone leaves a long positive comment? It shows me how they took a few minutes out of their time to leave a thoughtful comment. And in all seriousness if you’re not commenting back you’re missing out big time.

Here’s something to consider:

If they left you an emoji comment, then return the favor with the same thing.
If they left you a long positive message, then return the favor the same way.
And finally, just make sure you interact with them, don’t leave them hanging there and just be yourself but not snobby. Oh, and don’t forget to tag them in the comment or they’ll never see it. There’s a chance they’ll see it but remember you want to leave a lasting impression.


I think this is one of my favorites marketing strategies. You know how Facebook has that feature to share. Twitter has a re-tweet and so on. Instagram doesn’t quite have that but others can still share your content or vice versa.

There’s this thing called re-gram and of course you can download the app or you can save the photo now with the new version of Instagram. It’s so cool because I don’t have to go back and forth looking for it anymore.
The great thing about when someone shares your content is that they’re sharing your content with their audience. How awesome is that? You’re getting double exposure right there and then.
One thing to keep in mind is if you’re going to be sharing others content is to tag them on the picture and on the caption, as well. This is so crucial because it can get you in big trouble if you don’t and that is copyright issues.

A few extra tips:

  • Look at who is sharing your content
  • Are your pictures unique or can they be replicated? It’s hard to tell if others created content like yours and shared it or if they used yours to share. But pay close attention to what type of content they’re re-sharing.

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40 comments on “3 Secrets to Grow your Instagram Marketing”

    • Yes it sure however you can spend 15 min a day to engage you don’t have to engage every second someone likes your content. 😉 and thank you enjoy your holidays.

  1. One thing I struggle with on Instagram is knowing if a person is following you out of genuine feelings for your content or simply looking for a follow back and then unfollow once they have you hooked. For me, I only follow if I will enjoy the content that person produces. I love scrolling through my feed and liking almost every picture, because I genuinely love the pictures and content that is shared.

    • That is really good that you comment and follow others who totally resonate with you. And don’t put too much attention on who’s following/unfollowing you. The key goes to delivering to those who can relate to you. Happy new year. 😉

  2. I never thought about regramming other people’s photos. I’m definitely going to start doing that now, I feel like it might bring in the right people.
    Thank you for the great tips!

  3. Thanks for these tips. It seems like I’m spending a lot of time liking and giving quality comments and growth is slow. I guess I’m being impatient.

    • Yes and that’s the problem with most people. Most think is like those schemes ‘get rich quick’ and it doesn’t work like that. I personally paid to get followers and totally regret because I was impatient. I lost credibility because the numbers weren’t real and there was no genuine engagement. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you so much and truly appreciate you for reading through and yes I do hate those comments there’s no authenticity there and a waste of time for the other person too.

  4. I’ve just started IG recently and am trying to learn the ropes. How do you know when your followers are spammers?? I’m not sure how to figure that one out. Thanks for the great article!

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