About Me

hey, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I launched Resonate Creations as a place for Creatives, Introverts, and Small Business Lady Entrepreneurs. We tend to be a little weird at times but that’s because we are rare and not your average type of lady.

My purpose is to Guide you Clear away blocks of Fear, Upgrade your Mindset and Motivate you to find Paying Clients.

  • I also believe you were meant for greatness.
  • I believe you deserve happiness and love.
  • I believe in honesty and keeping my values on point.
  • So, who am I? That’s a good question, my friend.

My passion came about fourteen years ago, I moved from Honduras to live the American dream. So yes, I am fluent in Spanish and English.

My family and I lost everything we had in Honduras, so we decided to move to New Orleans where we had more family. Three years after moving, Hurricane Katrina happened and we lost everything again for the second time.

By the grace of God, He allowed us to move to Tennessee. From there, I lived in a very tiny apartment- big enough to fit a queen size bed and a couch- close to the Great Smoky Mountains. I was struggling to pay rent, my car payment, insurance and even food. I was so uneducated when it came to money. I didn’t understand anything about finances; from making money to even managing it.

I tried all dead end jobs from housekeeping, restaurant, office work, retail, etc… During that time, I decided to stop being complacent with the little I had. And I moved out of my comfort zone to try something different.

I started reading books, educating myself, I even cut off my cable because I knew that it was an income reducer, so I shut it off.

Instead of worrying I turned my faith to God and I learned EFT techniques. I pushed myself every day to get out of my comfort zone and stepped into a reality of Growth, Change, Passion and more ABUNDANCE in every aspect of my life!

I was introduced to Network Marketing and my friend invited me to one of “those” parties where I learned more about Personal Development and I loved the concept.

I went to events, mastermind training, and the whole nine yards. I gained the training I needed to succeed and help women like you gain more Clarity, Focus, and the Strategies you need to have a Thriving Business and Create a Brand that Resonates with your Personality.

  • If you feel like you’re Stuck in your Business
  • Can’t create Brand Awareness
  • You feel extremely overwhelmed because you have no help

My Goal as a Business Strategist is to save you Time and Money while helping you Build a Strong Online Presence.

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